Monday, August 5, 2013

11 More Days...

11 more days in the house that we brought all of babies home from the hospital to.

Sweet Baby Jack

11 more days days of playing in the cul de sac.

11 more days to pack - yikes!!!

I was off to a great start, but then took too many congratulatory breaks, and now I am in panic mode... (this comes as no surprise at all to anyone that knows me - stop laughing!)

11 more days to swim in this gorgeous pool.

Hello - it's August in PA - where the heck is the hot weather???

11 more days to say goodbye to our wonderful neighbors, who have become more than just great friends, they have become a second family - our Cara Court Family.

11 more days of Jack and Sam sharing a room.

Disclaimer: this was a shot from our listing - their room NEVER looked like this!

11 more days of being able to send the boys down to play in the basement (and out of my hair...)

Disclaimer: Again, it NEVER looked like this in "real life"

11 more days of my pretty white kitchen.

alright, alright, enough chatter from the peanut gallery - seriously, stop laughing! Yes, you can see the island - who knew there was granite underneath all of the junk that typically covered it?!

11 more days to make memories in our first home.

We stopped by almost every weekend to check the progress of our 1st home - man do I miss that Jeep, sniff, sniff
So young and clueless - these two had no idea what was in store for them over the next 11 years...

11 more days until we start making memories in our new home...

Below is a video tour that I found from the listing of our "soon to be" home - I'm excited to get in their and make it our home, put my our stamp on it!

3276 Gun Club Road, Upper Nazareth Twp, Pa 18064 from Peter Hewitt on Vimeo.