Monday, September 9, 2013


Such is my luck that on Sam's first day at his new preschool, Matthew's bus never showed up. Luckily,  Sam was raring to get dressed and be ready to start his day, so I switched out my pj's for some proper "be seen in public" clothes, ran a toothbrush over my teeth and into the car we all went!

I knew that dropping Matty off at school and getting Sam to preschool on time was going to be a skin of my teeth moment. As we sat at the light, waiting forever to make a left hand turn, I realized that I had left my phone in the kitchen. Guess that 1st day of school pic was not going to happen...

By the magic of time travel (seriously,  that's the only explanation) I managed to drop off Matty and make it to Sam's new school with about five minutes to spare - miracle of miracles!!

We had just enough time to feel comfortable, but not enough time for him to think this whole school thing through and change his mind. Last year was a freaking nightmare - I actually woke up twenty minutes before my alarm this morning because I was so nervous about the meltdowns of last year - he was that kid that cried EVERYDAY (except the first day, go figure) up until the last day of school. He also refused to do the day's craft or sit for picture day, I used to joke with the teacher that our only proof that he actually attended preschool were my cancelled checks.

In the end he did walk into the classroom of his own freewill, at the slowest pace known to man, but there were no tears so I will consider it a success. Don't worry though, this is not my first time to the rodeo, I am not green enough to think that I will be this lucky Wednesday morning...

I did manage to snap this little shot of Sam's first day of preschool.

Yeah, so it's not my kid holding a cute little chalkboard sign while smiling the perfect smile (grrr... why don't I ever plan those things out ahead of time?? oh right, because my boys  would never cooperate anyway - well, maybe Jack, on a good day...) but this is life!