Monday, February 25, 2013

And the Award goes to...

Before we get to the "important" stuff, can we all just give it up for Seth MacFarlane?!
Even though the show ran long (shocker!) and became quite the snoozefest towards the end, he really did entertain - come on, he got Sally Field to make out with him on TV! And as much as I would've loved to see more of his work spread throughout the show, it just would've made the damn show that much longer.
And of course I woke up this morning singing "We Saw Your Boobs"

Stuck in your head too? You're welcome ;)

Now let's talk Red Carpet, shall we?

BIG thanks to Jessica Chastain for giving us some instant gratification! She was the first major player to hit the red carpet, and she did not disappoint.
Jessica sparkled in Armani Prive, but I think it's how genuine and gracious she seems in interviews that really shines through, makes me want to invite her over for tea.

Next to arrive was Amy Adams in a grand Oscar de la Renta gown
Amy really can pull off the princess look (A+ for the casting director of Enchanted). I'm loving the easiness of her hair, make up and even her jewels - she really held back and let the dress do the talking.

So after these seeing these first two looks, I was wondering if pale muted colors were going to be a trend for the 2013 Oscars, and then BAM! Reese Witherspoon stepped on the carpet in vibrant blue Louis Vuitton.
While I think the fit wasn't great (in some pics she was actually stepping on the front of her dress), I do think that the color was amazing on her. And I am always a sucker for black accents with blue.

Speaking of blue, I am on a major navy kick, so Jennifer Hudson immediately caught my eye her navy sequined Roberto Cavalli
My only critique would be to lose the slit, just not a fan, it sort of cheapened the look.

Another lady in blue was Helen Hunt
Helen chose to go with an accessible dress from H&M to support their global green initiative. Props to her for that. Go green, go affordable, but just don't go wrinkled (cue the Debbie Downer music).

I loved Jackie Weaver in Silver Linings Playbook, but I just wish that someone would have stepped back, looked at her dress as a whole, and said "let's NOT do a nude illusion bust"

Since we're going there, here are my least favorite of the night...

Amanda Seyfried in Alexander McQueen
Now by no means does she look terrible, but I'm just not a fan of the neckline (which, btw, does not fit properly - and by now, you know I am a stickler for fit!), and she just kind of looks blah, for lack of a better word.

Now I know I am probably going to get a lot of backlash from this, but I was not a fan of Jennifer Lawrence's dress pick.
While this is a beautiful Dior Haute Couture gown, I just felt like it was a little redundant and expected. I was hoping for something a little different.

Speaking of letdowns...
Anne was probably one of the ones that I was most excited to see - major star power, coupled with the styling of Rachel Zoe usually combine to create a feast for the eyes. From the moment I saw Anne step on the red carpet, I was greatly disappointed (cue the Debbie Downer music again - and I'm pretty sure that exact sound byte is what I heard when I saw her).
This pale pink Prada reminded me of Calvin Klein from the 1990's, and the necklace - oh that necklace (shaking my head), I can't even, I mean I just can't...

Catherine Zeta Jones in Zuhair Murad
This is just too much. Not a fan. Enough said.

Now this one pains me - and for a couple different reasons
1. I really do love her, and I know how hard it can be to dress a not so perfect figure
2. Her stylists should have NEVER let her even entertain the thought of this dress and that hair! Shame on them.
So here it goes, the worst dressed of the night - Melissa McCarthy
On the bright side, I think her make up looks great! But I'm pretty sure that they used a trash bag for that peek-a-boo panel :(

Ok, let's turn this around!
Major props to Halle Berry for resisting the urge to wear a one shoulder gown!!! Did she read my Golden Globes post???
Halle said that she wanted channel the Bond girl vibe, and this Versace gown definitely did not disappoint.

Now I may have gasped a little when I caught my first glimpse of Charlize Theron on the red carpet - I only spotted her cropped pixie, but that was enough for me!
With a face like that, does it even matter what she's wearing?? The answer is NO, it does not, but she knocked it out of the Kodak Theatre in a white Dior Haute Couture.
I have had a major girl crush on Charlize since she walked her first Oscar red carpet back in 2000 wearing Vera Wang.

I am a sucker for a black dress - you just can't go wrong in black. End of story.
Les Miserables' Samantha Barks smoldered in this sexy black Valentino - now that is a dress that is cut to perfection!

I was pleasantly surprised to see Stacy Keibler step it up and demand some of the attention that George usually commands.
Stacy oozed Art Deco glam in this Naaem Khan dazzler.

My favorite couple of the night, and of all of Hollywood, is Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck - could they be any cuter?
Anyone else wondering what Jennifer's ruffled Gucci looked like after sitting on it for 4 hours??

And now for the moment that you've all been waiting for - you have been waiting for it, right?
The award for the Best Dressed at the 2013 Oscars goes to...
Naomi Watts in Armani Prive!!!!
She was the ONLY one on the red carpet that took my breath away - she just got it all right - hair, make up, jewels, and the dress! She may not have walked away with Oscar gold (even though her performance in The Impossible was award-worthy - I teared up when they showed her nominee clip - that scene was pure raw emotion - do yourself a favor and see The Impossible), but she gets my vote for the Best Dressed.

A little disclaimer ;)
Now I am by no means a fashion expert, I have no credentials that qualify me or that would make you value my opinion over someone else. I have just been a lover of all things pretty since birth. There's an old tale of me mortifying my Nan in a department store before I could even walk - I was like a moth to a flame when I spotted a mannequin's shoes - there may have been some loving strokes given to those pretty shoes, but alas I was too young to remember so I plead the 5th.
And I'm pretty sure that I fell in love with The Wizard of Oz because of a certain pair of ruby slippers...


  1. Spot on girl!! I have to say I was also most excited to see Anne's attire and was a bit disappointed too. love the post! We will have to compare notes at the painting.... Wait, am i the only one who takes notes for awards shows? Man, I'm such a goober.

    1. LOL - you are definitely not alone - I usually have a full page of notes from each red carpet #fashiongeek