Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Day 1 of Summer Break

Day 1 of Summer Break:

7:31 am - peacefully wake up without having to snooze alarm. Notice dog is still asleep (**remember to kiss husband this evening, for taking her out and feeding her before leaving for work early this morning). Stealthily grab phone, without making a single sound, so as not to wake said sleeping dog. Thumb through Facebook, play a game or two of solitaire, and kill about 45 minutes doing nothing.

8:15 am - the urge to pee overrules desire to stay in bed. Run to bathroom as carefully and hurriedly as possible to avoid peeing pants. Curse 3 kids for taking toll on bladder.

8:17 am - walk down stairs, find 8 year old eating bomb pop shirtless, but wearing shoes, in the freaking foyer. 8 year old proceeds to explain that he already had an Eggo for breakfast, this is just a snack.

9:22 am - 8 yr old finishes 2nd breakfast, consisting of 2 microwave chocolate chip pancakes. Notice his chest stained with blue bomb pop drips. 12 yr old sits next to him with bowl of Tostitos, but no worries, this is "just a snack" because he ate his breakfast when he woke up at 6:40 am. 14 yr old Frankenstein walks into kitchen and complains that he wasn't able to "sleep in".

9:35 am - finally ingest first sip of coffee and envision spending countless hours at grocery store this summer. (**note to self - buy more fruit)

9:45 am - write a quick Facebook post about morning

9:46 am - Google "what to do with kids this summer"

10:02 am - walks into rec room, overwhelmed by smell of corn chips and sweaty boys.

10:03 am - lays on couch and fights urge to pee again...

10:05 am - decides to turn morning into a blog post. Opens blog and realizes it's been two and a half years since last blog post (wtf!!).

10:15 am - is pleasantly surprised at how fast blog post came together. Gets cocky and decides to add photo to post.

12:21 pm - lays in bed disgusted with knack for turning the simplest task into a 2 HOUR technological nightmare. No picture is attached to said blog post. Fonts are 2 different sizes. Two failed attempts on 2 different laptops, plus 1 smartphone.

12:34 pm - can't attach picture, but somehow attaches a link to song stuck in head.

12:36 pm - All hope is lost. Decides to hit "publish" anyway. Welcome to my house.

*** Update - it took me 2 days, but I finally figured out how to add my picture!!

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