Friday, June 9, 2017

Day 2 of Summer Break

Day 2 of Summer Break: Ringing Rocks Park
  • Try to make up for yesterday's laziness
  • Decide on a healthy, local activity, Ringing Rocks Park is the winner
  • Let 14 yr old invite friend along to lessen complaining by said 14 yr old
  • Pack hammers and water bottles
  • 40 minutes later, arrive at destination
  • Short hike to boulder field, take in its beauty
  • Start hitting rocks with hammers and hiking over boulders
  • Awe at the phenomenon of these mysterious ringing rocks
  • Come face to face with big black spiders, the likes of which I have never seen before
  • Soon realize that climbing boulders with a hammer in one hand while trying to take pics with the other is not an easy task
  • 14 yr old's boyscout friend mentions snakes are likely down between rocks
  • Silently freak out and put phone away, so as not to drop phone between rocks and risk meeting any snakes
  • Come to realization that this climbing over boulders thing may not be for me
  • Can only think of movie 127 Hours and having to self amputate a limb
  • Start fear sweating, even though it's unseasonably cool for June 8th
  • Universe throws me a bone by way of long branch in middle of boulder field
  • Hope rises as I feel confident that I can now make it across boulder field with my new walking stick, and without too much bodily harm
  • Make it to end of boulder field, kids look at me like "what took you so long??"
  • Follow trail to waterfall
  • Think "trail" is a bit of a stretch
  • 8 yr old falls and proclaims "I want to leave"
  • 12 yr old is in his glory, repeatedly telling me how much fun he's having
  • Reaffirm my suspicion that I am most definitely an indoor cat
  • Reach falls, channel Chevy Chase looking at the Grand Canyon, and turn around to make our way back to the car
  • Internally have meltdown thinking about going back across boulder field
  • Feeling winded
  • Notice that all children that share my last name are also dragging ass
  • 14 yr old puffs on inhaler
  • Observe boyscout friend hasn't even broken a sweat (wtf!)
  • Decide that there's nothing that will convince me to climb back over boulders
  • Rationalize that I can't be the only person to ever have this thought, and that there must be a "trail" around the field
  • 8 yr old and 12 yr old are on Team Mom
  • 14 yr old can't punk out in front of boyscout friend, so into the boulder field he goes
  • Huff and puff all the way back to the car and reward self with precious water
  • 14 yr old and boyscout friend emerge from boulder field, and we all hit the road for a celebratory lunch and ice cream 

***ummm... guess what I did???
That's right - I figured out how to add pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Felt cocky enough to even add a video.
May have over estimated ability to add video...

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